Using DShield’s ‘bad’ network lists to block proactively

I believe that the “daily Stormcast” podcats of the Internet Storm Center by Johannes Ullrich mentioned at some point that you could use the DShield ‘bad’ networks list to proactively block traffic. This is what I did – using shorewall as the blocking backend – enjoy! #!/bin/bash # 25 Feb […]

Raspbian and iSCSI, minor issues

Just a quick one – how to fix some annoyances when you are booting Raspbian off an iSCSI volume. I will also submit these to the Raspbian project… Preventing a “DHCPRELEASE” when rebooting Your /etc/network/interfaces must not have any references at all for eth0, not even a “iface eth0 inet […]

Wake-on-LAN stops working under Linux

I just had the problem again, that my computer doesn’t respond to WOL MagicPacketâ„¢. The thing todo on Linux is as follows: # Run ethtool on your network interface ethtool enp3s0 Have a look for Supports Wake-on: pumbg Wake-on: d whereas these flags “pumbg” mean (taken from man ethtool): p […]