Raspbian and iSCSI, minor issues

Just a quick one - how to fix some annoyances when you are booting Raspbian off an iSCSI volume. I will also submit these to the Raspbian project...

Preventing a "DHCPRELEASE" when rebooting

Your /etc/network/interfaces must not have any references at all for eth0, not even a "iface eth0 inet dhcp". Mine is just

auto lo
iface lo inet loopback

Don't shutdown the network interface when rebooting

In /etc/init.d/reboot, line number #29 you have:

reboot -d -f -i

The "-i" means stands for "Shut down all network interfaces just before halt or reboot."

Just remove that "-i" and then a reboot is actually happening.

Unsolved yet - when doing a "shutdown" it just sits there.

I still need to solve this one... please bear with me.

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