How do I test my IPv6 capable mailserver? II

Now you have IPv6 enabled on your mail server but you don’t know any email address what is actually IPv6 enabled as well? Here are two – what I just tested: my own… hehe. Both are sending back the mail headers and the first one also shows you […]

kill -9 $$

I hate it when I keyed in a password on a shell prompt and pressed enter already. This is short, easy to remember and doesn’t do nasty things like editing your history file… PS: Works definitely with bash, dont know about others.

Two factor authentication with YubiKey

Two factor authentication with OTP – as provided by YubiKey – makes you sleep well at night again. I recently figured that these substantially increase your password security – with what you know and what you have. They are very easy integrated into PAM – and the good news is […]

Enabling HSTS on nginx II

I have to add a correction to my previous article “Enabling HSTS on nginx“: You can and should enable it on http as well, so that visitors of your website offer from this additional security benefit as well – when they come back.