Downloading “Astronomy Picture of the Day” with subtitles

Some time back I came across Astronomy Picture of the Day – some picture are really stunning. I wanted to have this as a wallpaper, but subtitled with the description (I still want to know what I am looking at!). So I wrote a Bash-script doing that for me. It […]

Latest XBMCbuntu doesn’t wake up via remote anymore

This short post describes a fix for a standby/wakeup problem with XBMC, latest XBMCbuntu (fully updated with Kernel 3.2.0-37-generic-pae and XBMC 2:11.0~git20120423.cd20772-1). For some reason I couldn’t resume/wakeup from suspend my XBMC system via the remote anymore. In earlier versions you might had something like echo USB3 > /proc/acpi/wakeup in […]

An XBMC installation

This is just a quick description of my XBMC system what I setup quite some time ago. The installation and setup is fairly easy, if you have some Linux background you do it in one evening. The base hardware is a ZOTAC ZBOX ID42 with 4GB memory and a 320GB […]

Automatically learn Spam/Ham on your own IMAP server

There are these little things on your server, you set them up once – then a long time passes – and then you realize, it is really helping you a lots and (most importantly) it is still working. One of these things for me is how I handle Spam/Ham on […]