BSidesLondon was a great success 1

I am pleased to present that BSidesLondon was I great success. Awesome technical talks, awesome people, very good conversations there, and most importantly, it was very well organized! I really appreciated it that there was no alcohol allowed, Club-Mate as the “Hacker-drink” was available. It started by explaining where BSides came from originally (here). As […]

Dedicated IPv6 gateway – way to go deploying IPv6

m0n0wall is a good product for running a firewall/gateway on an embedded device. It is based on BSD, very slick and reliable. I was using it a couple of years back, but unfortunately my hardware didnt had wireless integrated, so I had to give it up and get a WRT54GL – running OpenWRT of course. […]

Enabling IPv6 privacy on an Ubuntu box

It was bugging me a bit that my (internal) IPv6 address was a static one, ie. it is forever and ever the same, unlike a dynamic DSL IP. I heard/read somewhere about “IPv6 Privacy Extensions” are dealing with this issue, so I looked into this. I originally thought – without having read something about it […]

Reading a lots on the Net? Here is something for you.

If you read a lots of articles on the Internet, you are usually easily distracted. There are flashing/moving adverts, the text might not be the best size or even the background is chosen poorly. Have a look at Readability. Their slogan is “Transform any article into a clean, comfortable reading view – instantly”. It leaves […]

Horde, SyncML and my Nokia N900

A long time back when I started using Horde primarily for emails I noticed they support a feature called “SyncML”, an open synchronization standard. Now I just picked up on that again, as I wanted to synchronize my N900 with the contacts, calender and tasks. I installed SyncEvolution on my N900. I wasted quite a […]

Firefox Sync just rocks!

If you have a problem like I had “what was that site again, let’s check the browser history…” and after wasting a couple of minutes realizing “it was not this computer, it is still open on my laptop”, you really dont want to experience this again. Or you have a large bookmark collection what you […]

Make your IPv6 accessible website known out there

Dont forget, make your website accessible via IPv6 and submit them here: It might be worth considering to make your already IPv6 enabled website accessible only via IPv6 on the World IPv6 day… join me in!

Your IPv6 address is static

Yeah, at the moment (will that change in future?) your IPv6 address (as it is most likely done via a 6in4 tunnel in your place) is a static one. Just read that again. Just something mindboggling about the address space: I have a /64 range locally. Thats about as much as one IPv4 range for […]