Enabling HSTS on nginx II

I have to add a correction to my previous article “Enabling HSTS on nginx“: You can and should enable it on http as well, so that visitors of your website offer from this additional security benefit as well – when they come back.

Nginx + IPv6: “98: Address already in use”

If you get this message, you have to change your “listen” statement from listen; listen [2a01:348:226:dead:beef:dead:beef:dead]:80; to listen; listen [2a01:348:226:dead:beef:dead:beef:dead]:443 ipv6only=on; For some add reason the first statement (without “ipv6only”) was working for me for some time… odd.

Enabling HSTS on nginx

If you want to enable HSTS on your nginx webserver, this is how you do it: add_header Strict-Transport-Security “max-age=315360000; includeSubdomains”; You need to put this only on the https server, not on the http only server – it wont work on http only.

Strange DNS queries when Google Chrom(ium) is running – Part 2

I wrote – quite some time ago about those strange DNS queries what I have seen when Chromium (with the latest version of 17.0.963.79 (Developer Build 125985 Linux) Ubuntu 11.10 as well) is running, like this one: mmxavuhjug.home.lan. I was still puzzled and wanted to know whats going on, what this is for. First problem […]

Strange DNS queries when Google Chrom(ium) is running

I noticed something strange lately, when Google Chrom(ium) 12.0.742.112 (90304) on my up-to-date Ubuntu 11.04 is running, it sends in 10 seconds interval always DNS queries out similar to these: 09:28:54.892711 IP linux.home.lan.52626 > ipv4gw.home.lan.domain: 55443+ AAAA? www.google.com. (32) 09:28:54.899660 IP linux.home.lan.33455 > ipv4gw.home.lan.domain: 13122+ PTR? (42) 09:28:54.900955 IP ipv4gw.home.lan.domain > linux.home.lan.33455: 13122* 1/0/0 […]

How do I test my IPv6 capable mailserver?

Just a quick tip: You have Postfix running and want to enable IPv6 for your email as well? After quite some playing around I finally got it right: inet_interfaces =,, 2a01:348:6:315::2, ::1 inet_protocols = ipv4, ipv6 This makes Postfix listen only where you actually need it to – I dont like daemons listening […]

Nginx, PHP-FPM and APC – and your server will love you

I have to admit, I really loved Apache with ModSecurity (with the CoreRuleSet), it gave me “peace at night”. But then I noticed that this actually eats quite a lots of memory… and as a heavy TinyTinyRSS user I noticed that TTRSS  is sometimes quite sluggish loading articles. So I had another look on Nginx […]