Comment on “Symantec SSL certificates feature cryptography 10k times harder to break than RSA-bit key”

I just came across  Symantec SSL certificates feature cryptography 10k times harder to break than RSA-bit key and Symantec/VeriSign Expands Encryption Options For SSL Digital Certificates. I must say, I am stunned. AFAIK no certificate has been “broken” yet, and those few ones what have, were implementation errors or via MD5 collision attacks. And then […]

Jacob Appelbaum’s keynote at the 29C3 in Hamburg

Jacob Appelbaum at the 29C3 keynote about the new, top-secret NSA building in the US and a couple of other things, what gave me the chills – mainly how the US government is – let’s say “performing”. You can watch it on YouTube. Or if you want to get the video, the filename is “29c3-5385-en-not_my_department*” […]

Downloading “Astronomy Picture of the Day” with subtitles

Some time back I came across Astronomy Picture of the Day – some picture are really stunning. I wanted to have this as a wallpaper, but subtitled with the description (I still want to know what I am looking at!). So I wrote a Bash-script doing that for me. It requires the following programs wget […]

Latest XBMCbuntu doesn’t wake up via remote anymore

This short post describes a fix for a standby/wakeup problem with XBMC, latest XBMCbuntu (fully updated with Kernel 3.2.0-37-generic-pae and XBMC 2:11.0~git20120423.cd20772-1). For some reason I couldn’t resume/wakeup from suspend my XBMC system via the remote anymore. In earlier versions you might had something like echo USB3 > /proc/acpi/wakeup in your /etc/rc.local. This configured your […]

An XBMC installation

This is just a quick description of my XBMC system what I setup quite some time ago. The installation and setup is fairly easy, if you have some Linux background you do it in one evening. The base hardware is a ZOTAC ZBOX ID42 with 4GB memory and a 320GB 2.5″ harddisc. The ID42 has […]

Automatically learn Spam/Ham on your own IMAP server

There are these little things on your server, you set them up once – then a long time passes – and then you realize, it is really helping you a lots and (most importantly) it is still working. One of these things for me is how I handle Spam/Ham on my IMAP server. I had […]

How do I test my IPv6 capable mailserver? II

Now you have IPv6 enabled on your mail server but you don’t know any email address what is actually IPv6 enabled as well? Here are two – what I just tested: my own… hehe. Both are sending back the mail headers and the first one also shows you DNS info for the return […]

kill -9 $$

I hate it when I keyed in a password on a shell prompt and pressed enter already. This is short, easy to remember and doesn’t do nasty things like editing your history file… PS: Works definitely with bash, dont know about others.

Two factor authentication with YubiKey

Two factor authentication with OTP – as provided by YubiKey – makes you sleep well at night again. I recently figured that these substantially increase your password security – with what you know and what you have. They are very easy integrated into PAM – and the good news is most services on Linux can […]