DNSSEC on a .co.uk domain with BIND and IPv6

I finally managed to sign my .co.uk with DNSSEC, whereas the signing happens via IPv6. As the original Nominet documentation about DNSSEC points out (this article is based on that documentation), you would need two nameservers. Familiar with BIND, its concept of “views” came to mind and here is how […]

Re: Heartbleed Bug: Public urged to reset all passwords

A friend of mine asked me on that article on BBC whether you should change all your password due to that Heartbleed bug within SSL. It seems there are a few things floating around, a few misconceptions and misunderstanding about the problem. First of all, when you access – a banking […]

When you were young a day seemed like a day…

When you were very young a day seemed to last a year. When you were a teenager a day lasted a week. When you reached middle age a day was over in an hour. Now last christmas seems like yesterday. On the grounds that you only have about two weeks […]