Re: Heartbleed Bug: Public urged to reset all passwords

A friend of mine asked me on that article on BBC whether you should change all your password due to that Heartbleed bug within SSL. It seems there are a few things floating around, a few misconceptions and misunderstanding about the problem. First of all, when you access – a banking […]

When you were young a day seemed like a day…

When you were very young a day seemed to last a year. When you were a teenager a day lasted a week. When you reached middle age a day was over in an hour. Now last christmas seems like yesterday. On the grounds that you only have about two weeks […]

GBit connection but only ~12MBytes/s transferrate over SSH?

I came about that my SSH setup was only able to transfer ~12MBytes/s. After some digging I found out that SSHv2 is by default using “3des” as the cipher. When I set it specifically with “-c blowfish” to a another secure, but much faster block cipher, I got ~24MBytes/s. If […]