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Note to self: Creating TLS certificates with OpenSSL   Recently updated !

# Use 4096 when you can use ECDSA openssl genrsa -des3 -out $DOMAIN.key 2048 cp $DOMAIN.key $DOMAIN.key-org openssl rsa -in $DOMAIN.key-org -out $DOMAIN.key # Vanilla versions since 1.0.2 set the hash by default to SHA-256 openssl req -new -sha256 -key $DOMAIN.key -out $DOMAIN.crt

Run your own DDNS updates for your home server

I managed to run my own nifty DDNS update service for/from my home server. Best is that you have a nameserver running with your own domain on it… I am using $DOMAIN as the main zone here. Nameserver setup You can either just have a specific entry like home.$DOMAIN or you can create a specific […]

Downloading “Astronomy Picture of the Day” with subtitles

Some time back I came across Astronomy Picture of the Day – some picture are really stunning. I wanted to have this as a wallpaper, but subtitled with the description (I still want to know what I am looking at!). So I wrote a Bash-script doing that for me. It requires the following programs wget […]

Automatically learn Spam/Ham on your own IMAP server

There are these little things on your server, you set them up once – then a long time passes – and then you realize, it is really helping you a lots and (most importantly) it is still working. One of these things for me is how I handle Spam/Ham on my IMAP server. I had […]

kill -9 $$

I hate it when I keyed in a password on a shell prompt and pressed enter already. This is short, easy to remember and doesn’t do nasty things like editing your history file… PS: Works definitely with bash, dont know about others.

The perfect backup 11

As far as I can tell, I have finished my backup-solution @ home. It is working fine for a couple of weeks and I am happy with it. I call it “Backup Robot”. Main idea The main aim of this idea is that I have something what backups all my devices and targets I have […]