New technology

Nginx + IPv6: “98: Address already in use”

If you get this message, you have to change your “listen” statement from listen; listen [2a01:348:226:dead:beef:dead:beef:dead]:80; to listen; listen [2a01:348:226:dead:beef:dead:beef:dead]:443 ipv6only=on; For some add reason the first statement (without “ipv6only”) was working for me for some time… odd.

Nginx, PHP-FPM and APC – and your server will love you

I have to admit, I really loved Apache with ModSecurity (with the CoreRuleSet), it gave me “peace at night”. But then I noticed that this actually eats quite a lots of memory… and as a heavy TinyTinyRSS user I noticed that TTRSS  is sometimes quite sluggish loading articles. So I […]

Horde, SyncML and my Nokia N900

A long time back when I started using Horde primarily for emails I noticed they support a feature called “SyncML”, an open synchronization standard. Now I just picked up on that again, as I wanted to synchronize my N900 with the contacts, calender and tasks. I installed SyncEvolution on my […]

Firefox Sync just rocks!

If you have a problem like I had “what was that site again, let’s check the browser history…” and after wasting a couple of minutes realizing “it was not this computer, it is still open on my laptop”, you really dont want to experience this again. Or you have a […]