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Assembly Chess on Raspberry Pi (without any OS)

Some time back I came across Assembly Chess on Raspberry Pi (without any OS) and today I managed to get this done and finished.  I am impressed, it is well implemented, and just worked straight out of the box. At least I found some decent use for an empty iPhone 3GS box – you could […]

Reading a lots on the Net? Here is something for you.

If you read a lots of articles on the Internet, you are usually easily distracted. There are flashing/moving adverts, the text might not be the best size or even the background is chosen poorly. Have a look at Readability. Their slogan is “Transform any article into a clean, comfortable reading view – instantly”. It leaves […]

Your online RSS reader at hand – Tiny Tiny RSS

I have to admit, I have never used Google Reader for reading online RSS. No, and I dont want to go into details here. I am a happy user of Tiny Tiny RSS. Andrew Dolgov released on the 21st of December version 1.5.0. A fancy AJAX interface lets you browse and read your RSS feeds […]