Monthly Archives: April 2011

BSidesLondon was a great success 1

I am pleased to present that BSidesLondon was I great success. Awesome technical talks, awesome people, very good conversations there, and most importantly, it was very well organized! I really appreciated it that there was no alcohol allowed, Club-Mate as the “Hacker-drink” was available. It started by explaining where BSides came from originally (here). As […]

Dedicated IPv6 gateway – way to go deploying IPv6

m0n0wall is a good product for running a firewall/gateway on an embedded device. It is based on BSD, very slick and reliable. I was using it a couple of years back, but unfortunately my hardware didnt had wireless integrated, so I had to give it up and get a WRT54GL – running OpenWRT of course. […]

Enabling IPv6 privacy on an Ubuntu box

It was bugging me a bit that my (internal) IPv6 address was a static one, ie. it is forever and ever the same, unlike a dynamic DSL IP. I heard/read somewhere about “IPv6 Privacy Extensions” are dealing with this issue, so I looked into this. I originally thought – without having read something about it […]