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Make your IPv6 accessible website known out there

Dont forget, make your website accessible via IPv6 and submit them here: It might be worth considering to make your already IPv6 enabled website accessible only via IPv6 on the World IPv6 day… join me in!

Your IPv6 address is static

Yeah, at the moment (will that change in future?) your IPv6 address (as it is most likely done via a 6in4 tunnel in your place) is a static one. Just read that again. Just something mindboggling about the address space: I have a /64 range locally. Thats about as much as one IPv4 range for […]

Test your IPv6 connection 1

I just came across with the World IPv6 day on the 8th of June 2011 an IPv6 connectivity testing website. Its great. I got 10 out of 10 for dual stack, and 10 out of 10 with IPv6 only. I am ready. Let it come. I am gonna embrace it.

13 days with IPv6 enabled

I am now for exactly 13 days IPv6 ready. Ok, there are not many websites out what you can use on IPv6. The biggest one probably I know is a german IT news portal No problems so far. As I wrote in my initial blog “on day 2″ I am using the 6to4 tunnel […]

Using a DNSSEC enabled resolver 3

I am up for more. I am generally very thisty for the “new things out there”. So after successfully enabling IPv6 from yesterday’s post I was thinking “hey there is already DNSSEC out there – let me use it”. First things first On here is a site whether your resolvers supports EDNS, that are DNS […]

IPv6 @ home!

I setup yesterday IPv6 via 6to4 with tunnel from Hurricane Electric. It just works. I still have to do some tweaks like as I am using a dynamic IP, the tunnel will go down when my IP changes. I also need to do a couple of other minor things. It was interesting to see that […]

Today’s links

Cloud Security – Imperva Data Security Blog Researcher Publishes Method for Bypassing Flash Local-with-filesystem Sandbox | threatpost digiKam 2.0.0 Beta 1 adds face recognition – The H Open Source: News and Features 8 of the best Linux password managers | News | TechRadar UK The 2.6.37 kernel is out [] How to set up a […]

Your online RSS reader at hand – Tiny Tiny RSS

I have to admit, I have never used Google Reader for reading online RSS. No, and I dont want to go into details here. I am a happy user of Tiny Tiny RSS. Andrew Dolgov released on the 21st of December version 1.5.0. A fancy AJAX interface lets you browse and read your RSS feeds […]