Monthly Archives: November 2010

GNU maggots 2

… what would a software be doing with this name? Maggots are required, no doubts, but what would GNU maggots do? Cleaning computers what are zombies/bots? Analyzing network traffic to watch out for – ? Attacking CnC servers? Suggestions welcome please.

The perfect backup 10

As far as I can tell, I have finished my backup-solution @ home. It is working fine for a couple of weeks and I am happy with it. I call it “Backup Robot”. Main idea The main aim of this idea is that I have something what backups all my devices and targets I have […]

IPv6 certification with Hurricane Electric finished 1

So I finally finished my HE IPv6 certification. Hoorray. 1500 points out of 1500. It was definitively beneficial. The were a few major parts: A supa l33t IPv6 T-Shirt. Setup of a IPv6 capable webserver. Setup of a IPv6 capable mailserver. Setup of a IPv6 capable nameserver inclusive Glue-records in IPv6. Submitting 100 traceroute, forward-digs, […]