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What is the answer to this captcha?

January 30th, 2013 Comments off

Screenshot from 2012-07-13 22:48:36

… best captcha I ever had. And yes, I do play chess… *g

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T-Shirt: “I own a /48 and I am not afraid to use it.” and other IPv6 gimmicks from HE

June 24th, 2012 Comments off

I recently got this T-Shirt on Hurricane Electric’s website:

I've got a /48 and I am not afraid to use it.

   And also this coffee mug:

HE's IPv6 mug

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Reading a lots on the Net? Here is something for you.

March 5th, 2011 Comments off

If you read a lots of articles on the Internet, you are usually easily distracted. There are flashing/moving adverts, the text might not be the best size or even the background is chosen poorly.

Have a look at Readability. Their slogan is “Transform any article into a clean, comfortable reading view – instantly”. It leaves only the main article behind, some metainformation and obviously the pictures for that article. You can adjust the contrast, the font the way you like it to improve readability.

Their new model is now subscription based. The majority of that goes to the actual website, a minor part to Readability. I suppose this is for loss of revenue through banners and adverts.

You can try it for free via their Add-On on Readability for Firefox. A Bookmarklet is available here. It seems that the Firefox Extension from Mozilla Add-Ons is outdated.

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Skynet, I think it is real

March 5th, 2011 Comments off

Custom Operator Name Widget

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Your online RSS reader at hand – Tiny Tiny RSS

January 5th, 2011 Comments off

I have to admit, I have never used Google Reader for reading online RSS. No, and I dont want to go into details here.

I am a happy user of Tiny Tiny RSS. Andrew Dolgov released on the 21st of December version 1.5.0. A fancy AJAX interface lets you browse and read your RSS feeds – even the keyboard is fully supported. On Andrew’s website you will find a forum where you can contact the author directly and I promise you, you will get timely responses.

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